Azure Backup Pricing Changes


So today Microsoft sprung upon us all a pricing structure change to Azure Backup with the view of it working out cheaper for customers.   As of yet details are quite sketchy which is disappointing and internally in the UK Microsoft Staff don’t appear to of been told anymore than we have.

Aidan Finn earlier today posted on his blog about the changes to Azure Backup also (

One thing I have had clarified today is that the term “Instances” is defined as a Virtual Machine or Physical host.  It does not mean a DPM Protection Group or a DPM Server.  So in the majority for UK customers this means £6.109 (if the backup is over 5GB otherwise we understand this to be free) per instance plus the cost of storage.  We still don’t know whether this is block or page blob storage and we have asked Microsoft for clarity on this as it will for large amounts of data have a noticeable price difference.

As soon as I have any more information on this I will of course update this post.

Have  a good weekend.


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