Office Mix

Stumbled across this little gem today, it’s a free add in to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013+ which allows you to create and host interactive online presentations.   Easily embed the presentations on company blogs, websites, and social media.

Best bit its totally FREE, I’m guessing they may start shouting about this feature goes out of customer preview at a later date.

Key features:

  • Voice and Video
  • Digital Ink for annotations on your slides
  • Polls and Interactive Applications
  • Insight and Analytics into viewers of the content
  • Playback on ANY Device


But I Instantly thought of one of my education customers who are at the forefront of Technology in Education and how this could help them.  Now the analytics item stands out for me and this education customer, they will be able to see which student has viewed the presentation.  Even see how long they spent on a slide, so if a student was struggling with a particular question the teacher would be able to tell.  They can also see if a student quit the presentation early and at what point.

Take a look here

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